Marine Transport

  • Excellent commercial relations with the most recognized shipping lines in the world, allowing us to offer our customers support and efficiency.
  • Import and Export Freight FCL / FCL.
  • Import and Export Freight FCL / LCL, consolidated cargo.
  • Freight Break Bulk for machinery, piping, oversized and extra heavy.
  • Special equipment and general load.
  • Special logistics for dangerous goods.
  • Security: Monitored transport, handling of seals, security stamps and photographic records
  • Wide variety of International Freight Shipping options to meet any logistics needs.
  • Special treatment for each type of cargo, with conditioning in the containers.
  • Multimodal transport.
  • Shipping freight for general cargo, in grain, frozen, fresh, dangerous cargo (IMO), oversized and undercarriage.

Air Transport

  • Competitive rates with different airlines.
  • Effective and efficient coordination for Air Logistics operations according to the urgency required by the service.
  • We have qualified personnel with experience for handling your cargo.
  • Import and export by air.
  • Special logistics for perishables.
  • Valued load.
  • General load.
  • Refrigerated load.
  • IMO load.

International Courier Transport

  • Door-to-door service, for small cargo like: Samples, envelopes, boxes, letters, advertising, brochures, labels, magazines, valued load among other products.
    - Fast and safe delivery.
    - International insurance.
    - Shipping status tracking.

Land Transportation

  • Land transport service of containers and loose cargo from the port or temporary terminal to the interior of the country, according to the operations of our clients.
  • Transport monitored by GPS with BASC certification.
  • Internal transport insurance.
  • Transport for fresh or frozen consolidated product.
  • Land transportation of Cargo Loaded or Consolidated from the port to the point of delivery.
  • Online information of deliveries and updates.
  • Escort service for high risk merchandise (Police custody).
  • Cold service (Genset).
  • Conventional trucks.
  • Project loads (low bed and tractor).
  • Heavy, dimensioned or rolling load.